Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Problem with Cathoilc Bible Study

Stated well and right on the mark bySumma Contra Mundum:

When I taught scripture in high school, the students had a one-sentence summary of what they learned of the bible: "We learn that nothing that the bible says really happened really happened." That's the impression they got from four years of historical criticism.

I myself taught high school and heard exactly the same thing when I tried to present the "Fallen State" of humanity according to Genesis to Juniors who had Scripture as Freshman. I do find some hope that the current Pontiff writes about the deficiencies of the historical critical method and its effect on preaching and catechesis.

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  1. I have found the best antidote to the sceptical, cynical historical-critical Bible put-downs is to read commentaries on Bible books by Church Fathers or great saints. There you get immersed in commentaries whose authors passionately and lovingly embrace the Word of God. Besides so many modern Biblical commentraies are as dry and lifeless as the English Grammar books we used to be forced to wade through in the 6th grade.