Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Former Student of Mine

First a comment on the picture. I'm not a big fan of "resurrection images" but I do like this one...very powerful. It brings to mind the Pantocrater images found in ancient churches.

Second, I'm glad to read that Fr. Tim is doing well.

Late calling is a busy one - Volusia County News:

For most of his life, a pendulum swung back and forth in Tim Daly's head.When he was in fifth grade, Daly decided he wanted to be a priest, but as the years went on, he wasn't sure he was ready.

Daly graduated from Towson University in 1977 and joined the Franciscan Order.

He spent a year and a half with the Franciscans in New Jersey and Boston, but then he decided to drop out. He didn't like how much autonomy he had to give up and felt as if the church was increasingly playing the role of his parents.

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  1. Magnificent indeed. The best of East and West.

    Also more Biblical that the annoying representations of Christ "rising from the cross".