Monday, November 22, 2004

Fr. Benedict Live

For those who lament the lack of good Catholic education I can think of no better way for you to give yourself and your children a good solid hour of teaching every week than Father Benedict's new "live" show. Last night he touched on Purgatory and other after life issues.

By the way he mentioned last night a friend calling and telling him that they had visited Brother Fernando's grave...that "friend" was me.

Brother Ferdinand was a brother who always prayed for a happy death. Father Benedict had told the story of this brother's death the week before. The brother colapsed in the refectory and was taken to his room where a priest was summoned. After being annointed and having prayers said the brother rose from the bed and said "arrivederci"...waving his hand goodbye to all who were gathered around him and died.


  1. Father Benedict's show is excellent- that was a neat story. Question: Is St. Joseph the saint to pray to for a happy death?

  2. Yes, due to the tradition that he was assisted in his own death by Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary...good company that we all would wish to have in that transitional moment.

  3. I had prayed to St. Joseph to be with both my mom and dad at the times of their deaths. They both died on the first Wednesdays of the month. Later I learned that that is the day dedicated to St. Joseph - hope that is true. (First Fri., the Sacred Heart; First Sat., Immaculate Heart of Mary).