Monday, November 22, 2004

Father Fox Hit by Car

What is it with famous priests being struck by cars?

Please pray for Father Robert Fox who was struck by a car over the weekend. From what I hear he is doing fine, with some fractured bones in his arm. Father Fox is famous for his apostolate to spread devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.


  1. Even though I really don't know him , I will pray for him, our parish preist has been in hospital and we are without him for a while. I hope to hear about Fr.Fox getting better! God bless

  2. Will do... saw a little girl get hit by a car many years ago. The driver wasn't going fast, and she ran out at the last second. Both of their lives were changed forever- let's also pray that all people on roadways, whether drivers or joggers or walking the dog, take care.

  3. Gee what does it say about me that I thought "Good, *Matthew* Fox should've been hit by a car sooner"?

    I think I need to go to confession...

    Anyway, I hope Father is doing well. Prayers on the way.

  4. BTW, this is Father Robert Fox of the Fatima Family connection. My comment over at Mark Shea's:

    As an aside, Fr. Fox is the spiritual director and backer of "locutionist", "Little Mary", whom EWTN had him interview a while back. A recent e-mail from "Little Mary" gave Father's condition as very painful with fractures in his lower leg, some eye injury, if I remember correctly, and another injury. She, being close to him, will be visiting him in the hospital. He will, like Fr. Groeschel, be getting rehab, etc. Here is "Little Mary's" website. Check out the latest announced "message" of Nov., 04 as well as "What the Blessed Mother is saying":

  5. Received this update on Fr. Fox today:

    Update on Father Fox

    "Hi everyone,

    Little Mary says, Father Fox will be getting out of Intensive Care today, hopefully.

    He had two bloodclots in his lung so he was having a difficult time breathing, so they transfered him from rehabilitation, where he was staying, back to Intensive Care. He is on a blood thinner which is helping get rid of the clots.

    Father Fox requested that the Monday Night Rosary Group pray for him and little Mary reassured him that we will keep praying for him until he gets home.

    God bless each of you and your families this Thanksgiving"

  6. Fr. Fox is able to say Mass at the Temple, broken neck and all. He's quite devoted to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he is getting stronger each day. He gave a nice talk at Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at the Shrine.

    Also, Fr. likes praying the Angelus, so he allways likes more people to pray this, so heres a chance to do so.

    I like his newest book Messages from the Heart of Our Mother - Messages from Virgin Mary received through interior locutions to "little mary"