Monday, May 13, 2024

Pentecost Novena - 1

  Now is the time to pray to Pentecost Novena. What is a novena? Why should we pray it?

Here's an explanation from The Church's Most Powerful Novenas by Michael Dubruiel

A novena is a challenging form of prayer. Whereas the recitation of the prayer or a set of prayers may be easy, doing it for nine consecutive days is not. Our lives are crowded and it is often easy to let the prayer pass. I like to think of the practice of praying a novena as setting the ground-work for a life of prayer. Consider the possible benefits of praying a novena besides the actual requests that one mentions in them. 

1. Praying a novena can help you develop the habit of praying daily. Our lives are filled with ritual from the time we get up in the morning: the route we take to work and home again, how we spend our evenings, and the usual time we go to bed. Day in and out the pat-tern is repeated. Is prayer a part of that daily rou-tine? Praying a novena for nine consecutive days can set a pattern of prayer in our lives that can create a daily habit of prayer. 

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