Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Free Catholic Book by Michael Dubruiel

The cross is the school of love. It transforms how we look at God,
the world, and everyone around us. Nailed to the cross with
Jesus, we sometimes have faith enough to hear him promise,
“This day you will be with me in Paradise.” Others simply curse
God for not taking them down off of the cross.
If you are graced to be a student of the cross, it is your mission
to pray with all of your strength for those who are truants
of this school. The love of God compels us to love one another,

God has already lowered himself to our level, suffered
at our hands, and loved us through it all. Jesus is the perfect
example of being loved by God and loving God.
to carry one another’s burdens. Realizing that God alone really
matters is the first step to entering the kingdom of God. When
that kingdom comes, everyone will acknowledge God’s priority.
Until then, we live in a world where those who know must tell
those who don’t, and oftentimes those who know best are the
children. Fulton Sheen once said there will be only children in
the kingdom, something that we adults might want to reflect
upon from time to time.

"michael dubruiel"