Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Meeting with Mother Angelica

This actually happened about three weeks ago, not sure how I missed it. Father Benedict Groeschel was in Alabama filming some episodes and spent one day in Hanceville where he met with Mother Angelica. Here is his account:

This past week I had the great blessing of visiting with Mother Angelica at
the shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Hanceville, Alabama. After visiting
the marvelously beautiful shrine, we met Mother at the room with the grill
dividing the cloistered sisters from the visitors.

Mother was in
great form; she laughed a great deal and was able to communicate, even at times
in complete sentences. She has done the miraculous work of establishing the
largest religious television network in the world. She has also established a
cloistered convent, which now numbers over thirty sisters—most of them young.
The convent also has two other foundations. She also established the Franciscan
Missionaries of the Eternal Word with over twenty-five friars. You may have had
the opportunity to read Raymond Arroyo’s book on Mother Angelica. You would
really enjoy this book.

I offered Mass at the shrine in the
morning and left for a busy day of television at EWTN in Irondale, Alabama. I
was accompanied on this journey by a volunteer, Timothy Pida, who has worked for
years for the Missionaries of Charity and has very generously helped me for the
better part of this year. We both came away with a profound sense of gratitude
for all that EWTN does for souls and for the church, and also grateful that we
had spent this precious time with this great woman.

In other Father Groeschel news, please check my post below about a new book and how you can contribute to it by asking your questions about the spiritual life.

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