Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lent Meditation by Michael Dubruiel

The cross cannot be avoided by any of us, and we shouldn’t seek
to flee from it. Rather, we should learn from it. Wherever we
encounter the cross, we discover the “good things” God wants us
to request from him. Our Lord promises us that the Father will
answer us and give us all that we truly need.
It may require great faith to see the “good” in the things that
come our way. The challenge of the cross is to perceive the good
even when it causes us discomfort or humiliation. The cross of
Jesus did not seem like a “good” thing to those who witnessed
the crucifixion. For the followers of Christ, however, the cross is
the sign of our salvation; we commemorate “Good Friday” every
year because of the great love it represents
"michael dubruiel"