Monday, August 28, 2006

Mepkin Abbot Dies

I met him once and spoke to him briefly, interestingly not in South Carolina but California at the LA Congress in Anaheim a few years ago.

From The State:

The Rev. Francis Kline, the abbot of Mepkin Abbey and an influencial
spiritual force in the life of South Carolina, died Sunday after a three-year
battle with cancer. He was 57.
A Juilliard-trained organist, Father Francis was the longtime leader of the Trappist monastic community founded on the Cooper River at Moncks Corner in 1949. But the cerebral, soft-spoken monk was much more to those who claimed him as wise counselor and reverent friend.
“He was someone that just had a remarkable level of personal grace in the way he handled himself,” Gov. Mark Sanford said. “He was able to have this incredibly deep well of spirituality and the ability to look deeply at ideas of faith, and then this
ability to care what was happening in the world around him.”

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  1. I had the privlage of meeting Father Kline only once, at a very difficult time for my family. His presence at that time was a kindness that my husband and I will never forget. At the time my husband was in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove colon cancer. Father Francis was on a rare visit with his family nearby, in Marlton New Jersey. My sister Kathy is married to Mark Kline who is Dom Kline's youngest brother. Upon hearing that my husband was in the hospital Father insisted on visiting my husband (also named Francis!). I'll never forget the sense of caring and comfort I felt upon meeting Abbot Kline who was battling his own increasing illness at the time. I know it helped raise my husband's spirit too. His visit, while brief, was a memorable blessing that I know was God's way of touching us in our own time of need.