Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hans Kung Praises, Criticizes Encyclical

I post this because I had read in several places that Hans Kung had praised the document without reservations and some "conservatives" were posting comments implying that the pope's orthodoxy was in question. However some news agencies as well as the commentors were not dealing with the whole truth...

From 'God is love' theme of pope's first encyclical -

"Appreciation was not universal. The Catholic theologian Hans Kung, one of Pope Benedict's strongest critics, praised the encyclical's 'solid theological substance on the subjects of eros and agape, love and charity and not drawing false contradictions between them.'

But he told the Agence France-Presse news service that the pope had failed to mention the charity the church should show toward loving couples who use contraception, those who divorce and remarry, and Protestant and Anglican clerics."


  1. The Pope's analysis of the concept underlying three Greek terms for love is pedestrain and reflects - in the English-speaking world - the thinking of such theologians as CS Lewis and DS Bailey and the wider mid-20th century European thought of Theilke and Nygren. He fails - as they more understandably did - to take account of 20th century Western thought, especially that of a feminist critique of Freud's seminal 'Three Essays on Sexuality'.

  2. What may be lost on many about this encyclical is the depth that it goes to undermining a variety of positions that have blossomed in the years following the Second Vatican Council...this document is a corrective vision of what it means to say "God love you" and how you and I are to share that love with one another.

  3. To judge anything written by Pope Benedict XVI as being "pedestrian" is a sign that the person has not understood what the Pope wrote, or that his or her thinking is far off course from the teachings of Jesus, and is mistaking darkness for light and light for darkness.

    In the article about Hans Kung, it is a mistake to refer to "Dr. Kung" as a "Catholic Theologian" - this status was stripped from him years ago, as his "theology" was corrupt. For a detailed view of his current agenda to help form a watered-down "one world religion", read:

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