Monday, November 14, 2005

Rochester Bishop Addresses Homosexual Issue

Bishop Matthew Clark to Homosexual Priests and Future Priests:

* homosexual priests who spend themselves each day in faithful, loving ministry to God's holy people. We deeply value your ministry.

* to gay young men who are considering a vocation to priesthood. We try to treat all inquiries fairly. You will be no exception.

* to all who may have been confused or misled by premature and narrow reporting of the visitation and rumored document. It is always better to deal with fact than with rumor and half-truths.



  1. Better yet try this link

  2. Poor Rochester. To think that this noble diocese once had Fulton Sheen as their bishop. Now they've been stuck with this hireling these past 26 years. Bishop Clark is an absolute menace.

    Michelangelo portrayed miters at lining the bottom of hell. Look what the Bishop of Arlington, Virginia did to one faithful priest:
    His crime: blowing the whistle on abuse by sodomite priests. If Father Haley loses the Faith and thus loses his soul over this, I won't want to be in the same eternity as Bishop Loverde's Judgement before he throne of God.

    And, before you pick up the chant "subito santo", who appointed these wolves?

  3. The number on the link to the article on Father Haley was 051114. Just add a "4" to what you see above and it will take you to the article.