Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A New Concentrated Effort?

This from an editorial of a student run paper...

From Working for Loyola - The Phoenix - Discourse:

The call to remove this ad was prompted by a new crackdown in the Catholic Church. Since Pope Benedict XVI was elected, the church has begun a concentrated effort to make sure church-affiliated bodies were presenting the unified, constant message of the Church. Members of the administration have told me, independently, of this new 'heightened sensitivity' to opinions contrary to the teachings of the Church.


  1. It's not the first or last time a Pope does this. IƱigo de Loyola was deadly afraid of Pope Paul IV and would cry whenever something was said about that or so I have heard. So even saints obeyed the pope no matter what they thought about anything. That is a good example for society. But the Jesuits and the Maryknollers are considered left-wingy orders and/or rabble-rouser in Latin America and if the church thinks they must be controlled, so be it.
    Remember that the Pope was elected by the power of the Holy Spirit and if it is telling Him to cleanse the temple, so be it.

  2. If there is any morally and doctrinally corrupt set of Catholic institutions which need the manure swept from the stables it is Jesuit run institutions. How many parents have been defrauded of thousands of dollars in the belief they were sending their children to places where the Catholic Faith would be honored and taught instead of attacked and ridiculed

  3. The call to remove this ad was prompted by a new crackdown in the Catholic Church,

    Perspective is everything . They see a “crackdown”. I see a moderate attempt to keep grossly immoral ads out of Catholic publications.

  4. I think the editorial raises the question of what control a Catholic university should exercise over the staff of a student newspaper.

    I think the students selected to control the content of such a paper, as well as the faculty and administration, should support the mission of the school, which is in part to promote Catholic faith and morality.