Saturday, August 20, 2005

Our Mother of the Eucharitst

A site dedicated to promoting devotion to the "two pillars" of John Bosco's prophecy.


  1. Interesting that "the Holy Spirit" proceeded from the Blessed Mother in the "vision." Shall we add the Blessed Mother to the Father and Son in the Creed?

    It's the little things like this that cause me to disbelieve "visions"; especially where the "Blessed Mother" speaks on her own authority as a goddess.

    Is this "vision" one of the ones that the Church accepts as definitively true?

  2. Each time we receive "Holy Communion" we real form...the "Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity" of Christ. Christ is the Trinity...Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we receive WE have...each one of us...the Holy Spirit within us. But the Spirit is not a spirit in capsule, but a loving and sharing and forgiveing God who should pour forth from each one of us. THAT'S the point of His coming to us to begin with. We are merely unworthy, ungrateful vessels of this pure love. Our Blessed Mother too was a vessel, but only the most pure vessel could house Our Lord. Despite that, she referred to herself as a "Handmaiden". A servant. I for one am comforted that we have the Mother of Our Lord praying for us. I hope this brings you closer to the truth.