Thursday, August 11, 2005

Behind the News--A Mystical Experience?

You've heard about Susan Torres who on life support gave birth to a child...what you haven't heard is this...Susan Torres' Husband and Parents Reveal Strange Happening on Night of Susan's Tragic Collapse:

The words that both Sonny and Jason believe they heard, before the
life-affirming story of Susan ever reached the ears of a journalist or a
newsman, are the following:

You and others will tell the world of a fight to save a precious life, not to change hardened hearts, but to give hope to those who believe, so that they know that there is more than what they see and hear. Let them come and see for themselves.

Sonny's voice shook as he read the paper on which he had written those
words. "I have a hard time reading the paper--At any other time I would have
thought I was a crazy person having a dream," he said. "But the way this has
taken off, I really question that now."

Thanks to Todd!

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