Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Please Buy the Books...Day 7 of the Appeal

Like mendicant preachers who weren't ashamed to beg...today I am begging you to participate in our appeal. We need you! The work that we do in writing depends on others to spread the word.
  • The most direct way for you to help is to give these books as gifts...to your parish priest, to shut-ins, to friends who ask you about the Church.
  • A second way you can help is by visiting you local bookstore, whether it is Catholic, Christian or Borders and asking them to stock the books on their shelves so that others may have the opportunity to purchase something that will build up their faith as opposed to destroy it.
  • Finally if you have a BLOG, please blog this!

Amy's Here. Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good Life.is a Catholic answer to the Purpose Driven Life only it won't take you forty days to figure out what your purpose is or how being Catholic is a good thing. My How To Get The Most Out Of The Eucharist can help you not only to receive Christ more fully but can give you the framework to develop a spirituality of the Eucharist, something Pope John Paul promoted that has received less attention than his "theology of the body."

This is the seventh day of our thirty day appeal to make Here. Now. A Catholic Guide to the Good Life.and How To Get The Most Out Of The Eucharist not only better known but also to get the message out! So many Catholics are struggling to see the connection that their Faith has with the "treasure" worth selling everything to possess. Too many good Catholics are listening with the rest of their lives. W e are begging readers of this blog and Amy's Open Book to consider buying one copy of both books for themselves and consider buying other copies for friends and relatives because you love them and desire their salvation.

All proceeds to this appeal will go to Food for the Poor. We both have a goal in mind and it is worth reporting that we are a long way off from reaching it. I ask you to pray for the success of our writing, speaking and movement of books.

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