Friday, June 17, 2005

Cardinal George: Seminary no place for gays

"Also, anyone who has been part of a gay subculture or who has lived promiscuously as a heterosexual would not be admitted ... no matter how many years in his background that might have occurred," George said.:


  1. Does that include priests such as Fr. Corapi who says name it and in his former life he did it (speaking to the heterosexual promiscuity the cardinal includes)? He still asks for prayers since as he says, "it ain't over til it's over". Yet, he's probably enunciated better than most and more often the difference between good and evil. Then, who knows about many of the saints. What exactly was Francis of Assisi's former life really like? Not a priest, but quite a universal influence. Now, if someone is known to have fallen "after a conversion" then there is danger.

  2. Surveys show homosexuals have twice the crime rate of heterosexuals--further reason to bar such from the seminary. But what would happen to St. Augustine who by today's standards had an illegitimate child??

  3. Let's be clear on this. To father a child out of wedlock is sinful, but not psychologically disordered.

    Homosexual behavior is both mortally sinful AND psychologically disordered. Moreover, even one act of homosexuality imprints the soul...

    Moreover, to forgo normal marriage to enter the priesthood is to give up a good for sake of the Church. Homosexuality can never bee this because it is not a moral good. Therefore, the candidate has little stake in the sacrifice. I must remind the reader that to enter the priesthood without giving up sexual activity is fraud and disobedience. There are vows.

    Moreover, a man not capable of being a natural father by form cannot also be a spiritual father. A man who has a functional disorder of this degree and type will have an analogical disorder in every part of his life.

    Cardinal George is correct. Homosexuals have no business in the seminary. None.

  4. Michigan Catholic said: "Moreover, even one act of homosexuality imprints the soul..."

    Which is why the continued acceptance of such molestation apologists as Bishop Chaput and Benedict Groeschel should really be reexamined.

  5. JMJ

    Boy, my post was woefully incomplete. I meant at the Bishops Conference meetings, Bishop Chaput issued a motion to discuss the sodomite connection to the scandals and NOT ONE BISHOP seconded it.

    St. Thomas Aquinas said that sodomy was the most disordered act humanly possible. To willingly commit it, one has to be quite perverted. Promiscuity between man and woman is also a grievous mortal sin, but michigancatholic said it perfectly.