Sunday, April 17, 2005

Truth Time for Garabandal Prediction

Before anyone thinks that I'm bashing Garabandal they should know that I owe my conversion to seeing the film on these apparitions back in the 1970's. I find the prediction intriquing when matched with the Divine Mercy prediction that "out of Poland will come a spark that will prepare the world for my final coming." Both seem dire predictions, John Bosco's dream seems more hopeful--but perhaps they all are it is just our perception that sees God's reign as threatening...yet Jesus said "I will show who to fear...fear him who can cast you into Gehenna...not a sparrow falls...fear not then" only "trust."

None of these visions, predictions are required belief but they do seem to converge on a number of points. Will something happen in the very near future that will both be an awakening of sorts that will bring people back to their senses? Will the next pope anchor the Church steadfastly to Christ?

From Untitled Document:

"One of the more startling prophecies of Garabandal concerns the three popes who have followed Blessed Pope John XXIII (1958-1963), and especially the last of the three: our current pontiff, John Paul II (1978-present). Our present pope supposedly will witness the great miracle at Garabandal, and the end of his reign supposedly will usher in “the end of the times” (el fin de los tiempos, in the original Spanish).

The careful reader will note the use of the adjective “supposedly” twice in the previous sentence. This is deliberate. While one can speculate that Pope John Paul II may indeed be the pope who will witness the miracle, it is just that, speculation. It may be that he will see it, yet it also may be for another to see it. We simply do not know.

What is certain, however, is that by the end of the current pope’s reign — whenever that may be — a very definite end of the present times, or “era”, will have occurred. In fact, one can argue convincingly that this time already has come, a point that will be addressed in more detail in the second part of this article."

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