Saturday, April 2, 2005

Saint John Paul the Great

It is beyond reason what this pope accomplished in his pontificate. I told Amy I believe he will be canonized by his successor within five years. Like Bl. Mother Teresa God has blessed us with two great witnesses of his power.

I also predict many will be converted or return to the faith because of his entry into Heaven. All as Evening Prayer I begins the Feast of Mercy.

Jesus we trust in you and ask the John Paul to intercede for us that your church may be a light to the world in these days of mourning and thanksgiving!


  1. "[H]e will be canonized by his successor within five years" and, having given him to us for so many years, "God has blessed us". Thank you. Amen.

  2. It will not be long now.
    For many years we have had a living saint amongst us, without recognising him.
    We did not see, or could not see the man who fought against naziism, helped the Jews - his friends- and destroyed communism.
    These were super-human efforts, - Stalin, the communist dictator and murderer of untold millions, once sneered, 'how many divisions has the Pope?'
    Karol of Wadowice, a man who left this world with no posesions, like Jesus, showed him wrong.
    'The truth will set you free'.
    And the Pope prooved this.
    Untold millions, today, and for generations yet to be born owe their freedon to this follower of Christ, and his application of the teachings of Christ in the face of determined opposition.
    An idea brought down the Berlin Wall, the Communist regimes of eastern Europe, and paved the way for the re-integration of our fellows to Europe.
    An idea of Jesus, retold by his representative, and the power of words brought low the guns and artillery and nuclear devices of atheist communism.
    The hardest part is yet to follow.
    Those that are freed have free will at their disposal, God, Jesus, and our late Holy Father will never force anyone to follow.
    Do we follow Jesus?
    Or materialism?
    Shopping malls or Church?
    Here in Ireland, for the last 10 years materialism has reigned, in the land of St. Patrick and St. Brigid and St. Columba....we have lost our reason for living, and queue for expensive cars and clothes, but this is a poor substitute for meaning.
    The last 2 weeks have jolted many back, to question materialism.
    I cannot find of a more 'good and faithful servant', in the annals of all history, than this human being, 'A priest to the last'.
    Maybe his life, and his passing will re-kindle the spirit of our ancient faith, already we have shocked our government, which refused a day of mourning, because it would cost the business sector money, they are way so out of touch.
    We will remember, and vote accordingly at the next election.