Friday, April 1, 2005

"From Poland will Come a the Spark that will Prepare the World for My Final Coming"

I read these words from St. Faustina's diary that were spoken to her by Jesus back in 1978. They were published before anyone had even thought of a Polish pope, but somehow one knew that Jesus was referring to this pope and twenty six years later the spark has spread it's fire throughout the world and the devotion to the Divine Mercy is one of the most popular.

I wrote to the pope back in those early days and received the standard reply from a Monsignor that the Holy Father had received my message and sent his blessings. Enclosed in the letter was a small crucifix. What I had written the pope was the following message from teh Gospel of John in Polish:

Truly, truly, I say to you, when you were young,

you girded yourself and walked where you would;

but when you are old,

you will stretch out your hands,

and another will gird you and carry you where you do not wish to go."

(This he said to show by what death he was to glorify God.)

And after this he said to him, "Follow me."

John 21:18-19

It is Our Lord's message to St. Peter. I was reminded of this today at Mass when the Gospel reading was from John and the verses immediately preceding this passage. When I sent it to the Holy Father those many years ago I did so because I thought of how his embracing of the Petrine office was taking him away from his beloved Poland. But in these last years it has seemed even more prophetic as he is wheeled out and put around.

If indeed he is the spark that was to prepare the world for the Lord's coming what awaits us after his entrance into the Father's Kingdom?


  1. Thank you, Michael, for your beautiful posts. I have been praying the Divine Mercy novena and am so grateful to the Holy Father for his promotion of Divine Mercy. We have a tough battle ahead of us. The Lord needs us to be his witnesses in the world. The pope's admonition to "be not afraid" gives me encouragement.

  2. To a conclave, and who knows after that. Pray.

  3. In the twelfth century (I believe), an Irish monk named S. Malachi made a pilgrimage to Rome, and during his travels he was given a private revelation about each Pope from his days until the end of time. S. Malachi recorded a brief epitaph about each such Pope... some of these epitaphs seem to have very little meaning, while others are quite apt (e.g., Pope Leo XIII as "Lumen in caelo"). What is arresting is that after Pope John Paul II, according to S. Malachi's prophecies, there are only two Popes left...

    Jesu, mercy; Mary, pray.

  4. And according S.Malachi, next Pope will be "GLORIA OLIVAE".
    Greetings from Argentina.
    May God bless us all.

  5. I am trying my best to "be not afraid", but I must admit that the Malachy prophecy, taken together with the above quote, has me a bit spooked.

    And I think it is only natural that in this last week or two, full of death and dying and distress, to feel that the whole world is dying, that we are on the edge of some great summing-up. (And I suppose it also doesn't help that many aspects of my individual life have had such a tentative or transitional cast to them in recent years.)

    I would be interested if anyone could point to sensible and informed meditations on this sort of subject, for those like myself who find themselves rattled sometimes in these days.

    At least we have prayer, and Our Lady, both of which were so dear to our beloved Holy Father.

  6. Hi Michael,

    The quote from Sr. Faustina is amazing. Thanks for sharing that. How interesting that the Man from Poland dies on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday. God bless our wonderful Pope.

  7. Given the fact that the Feast began with Evening Prayer at tonight, the pope did die on the Feast.


  8. Dear Michael,
    I appreciated your quotation from St. Faustina's diary, but it couldn't possibly have been recorded in 1978, as she had been with the Lord for 40 years by then. It's in Notebook VI, entry 1732.

  9. No,no...I read it in 1978, shortly after the pope was elected. I know that it had been written decades before.

  10. The earlier comment on St. Malachi's (or Malachy's) papal prophesies intrigued me. Of course, I Googled him, and to my surprise, there was a lot of information about him. I, too, was interested to see that he prophesied that there were to be only two more popes following John Paul II. According to his list, "Gloria Olivae" is to be next. This Latin reference to olives has been argued by some as a reference to the next pope coming from the Benedictine order. Does anyone know if any current cardinals belong to this order?

  11. 3 things to look for in the coming year:
    1. "Olives", if Biblical typology holds true to Malachi's prophesy, most probably points to someone of Jewish ancestry becoming Pope. He lives but for a relatively short time, murdered by orders from the one who would become the anti-christ. Socialist gov't throughout the world will be clamoring for a more liberal Pope-one who does not point at their sin as John Paul did.
    2. Yasser Arafats body being inturred on the holy temple mount, the site truly becoming a center for Islam, smack in the middle of God's holy city.
    3. Bill Clinton becoming Secretary Genenral of the United Nations, taking the reins of an evil conglomerations of despots who oppose righteousness at every turn .

  12. Olives, must refer to Mr. Bush. I have it on good authority, that Mr. Bush stuffs his olives with Cocaine and then puts them into his martinis. Mr. Bush has murdered so many people around the world that he must be the antichrist. We will truely be in the end times when we see Mr. Bush's Bastard child being introduced to the public.