Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Fraud--Email Circulating with the FIrst Vote of the Conclave

There is a pretty good clue in this list that this is fake, I wonder how many can locate it?

1° Scrutinio
32 Cardinale Ratzinger
17 Cardinale Martini
9 Cardinale Tettamanzi
8 Cardinale Sodano
7 Cardinale Hoyos
6 Cardinale Scola
5 Cardinale Arinze
4 Cardinale Dias
4 Cardinale Schönborn
3 Cardinale Carrera
3 Cardinale Daneels
3 Cardinale Errazuriz
3 Cardinale Hummes
3 Cardinale Kaspar
3 Cardinale Re
2 Cardinale Bergoglio
2 Cardinale Eyt


  1. I haven't googled or anything, but I bet Cardinal Eyt is the clue. The priest who sent me a copy of that list this morning said he hopes that Eyt is "Pierre Cardinal Eyt, the Maronite." In fact, the Maronite patriarch is Cardinal Sfeir.

  2. Right...Eyt is dead (since 2001)

  3. ALso the numbers only add up to 114, and there were 115 electors. If someone didn't vote, an abstention would show up, I'd think.