Monday, April 4, 2005

Feast of the Annunciation

Today is the transferred Solemnity of the Annunciation. One thinks of the pope's motto "Totus Tuus" referring to his total devotion to Mary as his body is displayed for the public to view in St. Peter's on this day. One also thinks of this day being the feast of the annunciation of the Lord's first coming and as the entire world focuses on the Church this a universal annunciation of the second coming...."to prepare the world for my final coming"?

There are plenty of atheist sites that can detail how many times people have announced the Lord's coming and been wrong. One of the things these sites detail is how the linkage of Good Friday with the Annunciation was thought to signal the end, but we know that Our Lord said "you know neither the day nor the hour," therefore "keep watch, be ready." It isn't something to predict but it is something to be prepared for....and I do think that the death of John Paul will lead to many people being least for a few weeks.

I wonder how many, like myself are already asking the intercession of John Paul?


  1. I wonder how many, like myself are already asking the intercession of John Paul?

    I already have

  2. Happy feast day, Michael. I've been trying to respect the nine days of mourning and have been offering prayers for John Paul's release from purgatory, but I've also been asking his intercession. It seems to me that he quite likely went straight to his eternal reward, but I'm always conscious that we can't know the state of anyone's interior life or the temptations they face, even someone as patently holy as our later Father.

  3. *waves hand*

    I have. Actually, I asked for his intercession while he was on his deathbed on Saturday. My son is in Heaven. I added to my prayers, "since you're going there right away, could you give (son) a message please that we love him?" He immediately answered me. "He already knows."

  4. What a great idea, and what a terrific blog, Michael!

  5. JPII awakened me to phenomenology and his personal personalism. I have induged in and think intercessory prayer is timely. I
    appreciate you and the 'missus' keeping us alert to that which is.