Friday, April 1, 2005

Divine Mercy and Pope John Paul II

I've heard several reports that the Pope has known all along the day that he would die. The fact that he asked not to be taken to the hospital is probably a sign that day approaches or is here. Yesterday in the novena of divine mercy said between Good Friday and Divine Mercy Sunday (declared by this pope) the intention was:

"Today bring to me those souls who especially glorify and venerate my mercy."


All along Pope John Paul has been the pope that has transcended his office. Like St. Francis, in our own day Mother Teresa, he has been venerated by people of all faiths. One of his staunchest defenders in this country is a Jewish woman I befriended several years ago. He has been an Apostle of God's mercy and his pontificate has been a time of grace, of preparation.

At the same time that the pope may be entering into his final hours the very public and international specticle of a woman not being shown mercy and armed guards keeping anyone from extending that mercy to her against the wishes of the President of the United States and the Congress of the United States in the United States makes one wonder if we have entered into a battle of an evil force that defies any rational explanation.

This pope has steered the barque of Peter between the pilars of devotion to Mary and the Eucharist...may we who now must go on in this culture of death hold on dearly to these gifts of our faith and trust in God's mercy to bring us to his kingdom.

Pray for the pope.

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  1. To jog memeories:
    Papal Prophecies - End Days - St. Malachy
    "#9. The Glory of the Olive. The Order of St. Benedict has said this Pope will come from their order. It is interesting that Jesus gave his apocalyptic prophecy about the end of time from the Mount of Olives. This Pope will reign during the beginning of the tribulation Jesus spoke of. The 111th prophesy is "Gloria Olivae" (The Glory of the Olive). The Order of Saint Benedict has claimed that this pope will come from their ranks. Saint Benedict himself prophesied that before the end of the world his Order, known also as the Olivetans, will triumphantly lead the Catholic Church in its fight against evil"
    Could there be the possiblity that the next Pope comes from the Lombardy Region if you follow St. Benedict? If this is the case then Italian Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi born in Renate, Milan in the Lombard region of Italy - known for the Olivetans. The Lake Como area is at the base of the Swiss Alps - within 25 miles of Milan and may fit the profile of #9. He is also a Pisces 3/14/1934 - With very good trends for Pope-dome!
    It is approriate that JPII died within 5 days of a solar eclipse (4/8/05). The funeral/burial will occur on the solar eclipse and the Conclave will be between 2 eclipses- a solar and lunar - which are significant benchmarks in time! (Remember there was an eclipse at the time of the crucifixion and the earth rumbled (Earthquake for novices!) EQ's usually occur very near eclipses - not always but a good many do - and they are 6.5 and above on the richter scale! After all JPII was born under a solar eclipse on 5/18/1920 and there is talk of him being beatified/cannonized because he was so effective throughout the world! (Not to say there weren't rumblings within the leadership, that his reign was way too long and disagreements were abound).
    This is definetly a time of TRIBULATION for the Catholic Church with a large amount of priests being pedifiles! A true breakdown of the Catholic church is occurring - and who can save the it??? How do you undo something like that? Hence we go back to the Prophecies foretelling of this issue! Hasn't been a major TRIBULATION of this nature since the Iquisition and the 3 Popes in the 14th (I think) century.