Sunday, March 27, 2005

Weak Pope Unable to Speak

I watched this live this morning on EWTN. When the microphone was placed to him, he made a breathing sound but no words. The attendant moved the microphone away quickly.

The message given was one related to his Apostolic Letter "Stay with us Lord" tying the Eucharist to Easter.

From Reuters AlertNet - Weak Pope unable to speak on Easter Sunday:

"An ailing Pope John Paul appeared at his window to bless the faithful on Easter Sunday but in a dramatic episode that brought tears to the eyes of many people, he failed in his attempt to speak.

Aides had brought a microphone to the Pope's mouth. He made a few sounds and breathed heavily but was unable to pronounce any words. Aides then removed the microphone.

The Pope sat at his window for about 15 minutes listening to the end of an Easter Sunday service before he tried to speak. He looked uncomfortable and put both hands to his face."

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