Monday, March 28, 2005

A Helper to Accused Priests

From MSNBC - Tending to Wayward Shepherds:

"Joe Maher never knows what to expect when he picks up the phone. Sometimes there's a trembling pause before a priest, choking back tears, tells him a disturbingly familiar tale: an accusation of sexual abuse, exile from his community. Other times, there's a caller screaming obscenities, furious that Maher would even speak to these 'sinners.' A mild-mannered, devout Roman Catholic, Maher is the founder of Opus Bono Sacerdotii--Latin for 'Work for the Good of the Priesthood'--the only lay advocacy group for priests accused of sexual misconduct. Some of the priests seeking help are likely innocent, others are not. But Maher believes in supporting them all. 'Priests are out there destitute, abandoned and desperate,' he says. 'And they need help.'"

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  1. This is so telling about Bishops, I think. On one hand, it's a matter of public record that in the past, the accused were coddled and given every indulgence, while the victims were regarded as irrelevant, a problem to make go away or at least silence; on the other hand, Bishops are now accused of abandoning Priests in the middle of a crisis, for the purposes of good PR.

    Why do I get the impression that the primary criteria for choosing a Bishop is how good they are at playing dodge-ball?