Friday, November 5, 2004

Spurrier Says No to Gators but will Probably say Yes to Dolphins

From MSNBC - Spurrier might have bigger Fish to fry:

"The caretakers of the Dolphins are going to make current coach Dave Wannstedt suffer through a dreadful season and earn his pay, then they are going to make him the former head coach. They are going to deposit him in the assistants-who-should-not-have-been-head coaches bin with Ron Zook and try to get right with the fans.

A good start would be to hire Spurrier, who has Florida fans walking toward a ledge today. Six days ago, they were giddy believing Spurrier would rescue them. Today, they hold their heads in their hands.

Spurrier insists the Dolphins have not called, but there has to be a certain telepathy at work here. Bad team needs good coach. Works every time.

And all along we thought Spurrier was going to ride in and rescue the Gators. Wrong water animal. The life preserver could be thrown to the Dolphins.


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