Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Mysterious Booms---Now in Richmond, VA

They've been happening here for some time...

From The Times Dispatch:

Reports of the mysterious booms first felt in North Side neighborhoods are now coming from other city sections and beyond.

Folks from the Fan District, Lakeside, Short Pump and New Kent County all say they have sensed the shock.

Richmond leaders have even been contacted by officials from Fort Wayne, Ind., and several Canadian provinces where similar booms have been felt recently, city emergency services spokesman Bill Farrar said.

I should add that the local officials told residents that they had determined the cause of the "booms" but weren't going to share it with them. This story makes that statement less credible.


  1. Michael, what's the latest on this from Fort Wayne? I saw an article a couple of weeks ago that said the authorities there had no idea what the cause was and many folks were freaking out. Have you guys heard or felt anything?

  2. I live in Richmond and yesterday authorities dug up several "pressure devices" around the neighborhood where the booms were heard/felt. They say it's a prank. Not very funny in my mind. They have not released any more info on what these "pressure devices" are, other than man-made.

  3. Read in the newspaper that some kind of pressure device was placed in two-liter soda bottles. When the pressure gets too great, the soda bottle explodes, creating harmless force but loud sound. Poor teens who did it are facing ten years.