Wednesday, November 10, 2004

God's Little Hobo

From a reader:

I am writing in regards to the book "God's Little Hobo" by Virginia Cyr,

edited by Dr. Quentin Colgan and published by Our Sunday Visitor Books.

This book is a compilation of some of the "Letters to Mother" (Blessed

Mother Mary) that Virginia wrote during the last few years of her life has

touched me deeply. Abandoned by her mother at the age of four years, she spent

her life in foster homes and finally an orphanage. In the letters she confides

to our Blessed Mother Mary as a child would confide in her own earthly mother.

She tells Mary about her joys, trials, sufferings. She had such a close

relationship with Mary. Everything she owned and everything she did was always

"ours"....our chair, our room, our mail, our retreat. Virginia longed for her

very own "Nazareth" - a home with family who would be there for her - a place

where she felt wanted and loved. She suffered immense physical pain due to her

cerebral palsy but most people that knew her were unaware of just how much she

really suffered. She hid it so well. Her spirituality reminds me of St. Therese

the Little Flower of Jesus.

My prayer is that some day Virginia Cyr will

be canonized a Saint in our Catholic church. I have told numerous people about

Virginia and some are reading the book now.

This book has left me wanting to know more about Virginia Cyr. Dr. Quentin Colgan has a beautiful web site filled with information about Virginia. It would be wonderful to have more of her "Letters to Mother" published in another book.

I thank Dr. Colgan for introducing me and countless others to Virginia Cyr.

Thank you for publishing this awe inspiring book.

To view Virginia's book click on the link:


  1. Very, very sweet... nice story

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