Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Fire Urban Meyer.com Appears

A pre-emptive strike by a Gator fan who doesn't want anyone to buy the domain in imitation of fireronzook.com.

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  1. Perhaps that Gator fan will want to sell the domain to a similarly obnoxious Notre Dame fan, since that's where Meyer is going.

    I think Florida will come to regret firing Zook, especially (but not only) because they failed to get Spurrier back.

    Florida may succeed in luring away Bobby Petrino from my Louisville Cardinals, I'm sad to say...but Louisville looks to have a top-10 team again next year, and Florida clearly doesn't, so maybe Petrino will stick around for another year or two. Beyond that, I doubt it. That's bigtime college sports for you. Over the last twenty years, the most successful NCAA football program has clearly been Miami -- and they've had five coaches! If you lose you're fired and if you win you leave seems to be the iron rule anymore. Paterno and Bowden are dinosaurs, I suppose.

    John Heavrin

  2. Well John, I'm glad to see that I'm
    not the only one who has put his foot into it and quessed wrong. Only you have more guts than I have. I didn't have to sign my name to the bolo.