Saturday, November 6, 2004


From Zenit News Agency - The World Seen From Rome:

"'We Catholics don't provoke anyone, but we mustn't be afraid to confess our faith in public,' the cardinal exhorted.

With 'two-thirds of humanity who do not yet know Jesus or don't accept him' and geographic areas 'that need to be re-evangelized. --We cannot remain indifferent,' Cardinal Arinze warned.

'This is why the Pope speaks of a new evangelization. New not in content, but in method, in the impetus, in the spirit with which we proclaim Jesus,' he said. "


  1. EWTN, who always needs us, offers such excellent programming for everyone. Through them, as well as through any church parish, there are many organizations to volunteer for and/or contribute to. Evangelizing in the workplace is a challenge that requires a lot of prayer and perseverance- my one faithful Christian co-worker and I feel quite outnumbered, and for some reason Catholicism in particular doesn't sit well with others... however, no one has told me to remove my small statues of St. Joseph and St. Anthony from my workspace as yet... :)

  2. EWTN, which constantly needs our support, provides something for everyone with their excellent programming- including many organizations we can contribute to. Evangalizing in the workplace is quite a different challenge- my one faithful Christian co-worker and I quietly try to encourage others to accept Christ- many have rejected Him and chase false beliefs- we encourage each other and pray for perseverance. Happily, my small statues of St. Joseph and St. Anthony with Baby Jesus have remained in my workspace- as reminders and a source of strength for what we are doing :)

  3. Please excuse the double comment- wrote once, but it didn't post, so re-wrote and re-sent similar comment, and first post went through, too- did not mean to be a blog-hog... :)