Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bishops Who Don't Deny Communion

To gay activists...

They plan on presenting themselves at the Mass on Monday.

From The Rainbow Sash Movement: Gay Catholics Act Up with the National Council of Catholic Bishops:

"Earlier this year Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago made international news for denying RSM members and their supporters Holy Communion at his Cathedral. Like Cardinal George of Chicago, Cardinal McCarrick will only bring more scandal to a scandal ridden church.

However, there is division on this matter among the bishops: Archbishop Harry Flynn (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN), Cardinal Roger Mahony (Los Angeles, CA), Bishop Mathew Clark (Rochester, NY), have welcomed RSM members to Holy Communion this past year. Additionally, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton (Detroit) has supported our call for inclusion."


  1. If we want to be "fair" and "inclusive", fornication would apply to any unmarried adult- so if an unmarried adult receives communion, then we'd have to assume they were celebate. However, if people go around advertising a lifestyle that they're actively practicing, then they're welcome to attend mass, but should not receive communion... correct?

  2. I think the way to handle this is for the homilist or one of the celbrants to make an announcement reminding all present of the rules for receiving communion; the need to be as far as one can discern, in a state of grace. A little bit of humor could be used "So, if you have murdered someone, please go to confession before you come to communion. If you have robbed a bank..... then, If you have knowingly and willfully broken any of the commandments...if you are committing adultery or are having sexual relations with anyone besides your spouse to whom you are legitimately married according to the laws of the church..or if you have done anything which you know or believe has seriously offended God..please don't take communion today, but seek out one of us after mass and we will be glad to hear your confession. "

    I am sure modifications of the wording could be made to improve this. But the point would be, we aren't going to refuse you communion because you are wearing a rainbow sash and are asserting you are gay, but if you come to communion you are saying that you accept and are trying to follow the moral teachings of the church. Maybe that statement should be part of the announcement. It shouldn't be the whole announcement, because it should be clear that these "rules" are for all of us, that any of us could fall into sin that would exclude us from taking communion until we confessed.

    So probably then some of them would take communion even though they are doing such things. Then that is between them and God. The church would have said what it believes.