Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bishop Wenski Takes Over in Orlando

A month early...

From Orange County News:

"Pope John Paul II on Saturday named Bishop Thomas Wenski to succeed Bishop Norbert Dorsey as head of the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, effective immediately.

In July 2003, Wenski was named bishop coadjutor, signifying he would automatically take over for Dorsey when he retired. The common practice under this pope is for bishops to submit letters of resignation as they near their 75th birthday. Sometime thereafter, at the Vatican's discretion, the resignation is accepted.

Dorsey will not be 75 until Dec. 14, but no reason was given for the early appointment. The incumbent had no complaint about the timing of the hand-over to Wenski.

'He's ready, and I'm ready,' Dorsey said in an interview.

Dorsey, who will continue to live in Orlando, said he now hopes to begin a fitness program and to learn how to use a computer. He would still like to do pastoral care at prisons and hospitals, and perhaps fill in for other parish priests.

'I'm still a priest and a bishop,' Dorsey said. He had more earthly matters in mind after Saturday's announcement, however. His first job after the news conference was to get a flu shot."

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