Friday, January 16, 2004

Special Prayers Asked for Father Benedict Today....

From Father Glenn:

Today is Thursday, January 15. Here is the latest update on Fr. Benedict.

Today I was able to spend some time at Fr. Benedict's bedside. Thank God, he is even looking better. He has good color and the swelling of the body has decreased. He is still highly sedated, so he is a "sleep state" and is slightly aided in his breathing with a respirator. His right arm is suspended due to the operation he received last evening. He has a few metal pins or rods sticking out of his bandaged arm. As I mentioned in the last entry, his surgeon is well known and almost revered in the medical community due to his expertise. Providentially Fr. Benedict is receiving extraordinary care. The doctors and nurses have been kind, cooperative, and very respectful. They now know who their patient is; in fact, I am hoping to send some of Father's tapes to them. Not, of course, so they would be giving any better care, but as an opportunity for evangelization!

Tomorrow is a very important day. May I ask each of you to pray for Father during the day? Other procedures will be attempted, depending, of course, how he is doing. The first, I believe, will be to set the broken bones in the right leg. Secondly, to implant small micro filters in special places to prevent a blood clot traveling to either his lungs, heart, or brain. Like many heart patients, Fr. Benedict was taking a blood thinner. This is why there was a large loss of blood from the head after the accident. Since the blood was not congealing, it was literally pouring out. Now that the blood thinner is out of his system, blood clots are more probable than possible. So, small screens will hopefully block any clot from traveling into an area which would have dire consequences. Both operations might take place at once and even done in the surgical intensive care unit. These plans can, of course, change at a moments notice. There are so many variables. Please pray for the doctors, nurses, and other assistants. I promised them you would.

So, tomorrow we are calling for all the friends of Fr. Benedict throughout the States and the world to offer him a helping hand. We are all in this together and our job is to support him. Friends don't walk away from us - they walk with us.

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