Tuesday, January 13, 2004

The Situation with Father Groeschel

I have worked with Father Groeschel over the past five years and have known him as a friend and trusted spiritual advisor for over twenty years. Father's health has always been an issue over that period of time especially with regard to his heart.

The problem that he is having right now is that he takes a certain type of blood thinner medication that is preventing the medical staff from performing surgery on Father's head injuries where there seems to be some bleeding in the brain. Besides a broken arm and leg, Father also suffered broken ribs. Add to this, as I mentioned yesterday one of the C.F.R. brothers in New York told me that Father suffered a heart attack when he was struck and had to be resuscitated on the spot. The situation appears very grave and your prayers are needed.

While I was still recovering from the shock of hearing about Father's accident, I was opening my mail and found among the parcels received yesterday a large envelope from overseas. Contained within it was a letter that began--"Father Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. suggested that you might be interested in publishing this..." The "this" in question is a lengthy interview, book length, with Father on every topic imaginable. Reading it yesterday I was reminded of the greatness of this humble friar and the difference that he has made in the Church in the United States and beyond. He frequently talks about his own death in the interview--with joyous anticipation of meeting the Lord. There is another part of the interview where the English man interviewing Father, pesters him with questions, about how he came to start all the charitable enterprises that he has during his life. Father Groesechel repeats his answer a number of times..."No plans, be led."

I'm sure that is the situation right now for Father, as it has been through out his life. Whatever God wants, Father will be led in that direction.

My favorite Father Groeschel book:

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