Monday, January 12, 2004

Father Groeschel Seriously Hurt

Hard to find out anything online about this. But supposedly Father Groeschel was hit by a car over the weekend and suffered two broken legs and has slipped into a coma. If you know anything further, please post in the comments.

Please pray for Father's recovery!


Spirit Daily is reporting the following:

Renowned TV priest Father Benedict Groeschel, author of numerous books and popular on the Catholic network EWTN, was hit by a car near Orlando International Airport Sunday night, according to sources in Alabama, where the network is based. He is in stable but critical condition at the intensive care unit at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Details remain unverified and sketchy but reports are that he had just arrived in Orlando and was walking to a place for food when he was struck, breaking a leg and arm. At latest reports he is partially conscious and awaiting surgery. We ask all to pray for this fine priest.

I would only add that my information came from the C.F.R. community--not sure where Michael Brown is getting his info from.

EWTN has added a similar posting to Spirit Daily's.

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