Wednesday, December 17, 2003

And Criticism... for them.

This seems unfortunate. I doubt questiong Ms. Hill's sanity is the way to go. She used this opportunity as a forumn to express the frustration that many have that their voice isn't being heard. It might not have been the right time to do it, but I grant you if the Church was as quick to condemn its own sins as it is to point the finger at others these kind of protests would not happen. What's more is that the Catholic Leaque's statement strikes me as more of an attack than corrective measure.

From the Catholic League:


At a Vatican Christmas concert Saturday night, hip-hop artist Lauryn Hill read a lengthy statement blasting the Vatican for the homosexual scandal in the Catholic Church. “God has been a witness to the corruption of his leadership, of the exploitation and abuses…by the clergy,” she said. Hill told the audience to seek blessings “from God, not men,” adding there was “no acceptable explanation for defending the church.”

Catholic League president William Donohue spoke to this issue today:

“Last year Lauryn Hill stepped onstage at Carnegie Hall and admitted to the crowd that her life was ‘a mess.’ Judging from her latest outburst in Vatican City, nothing seems to have changed. Pathologically miserable, Hill has confessed to taking ‘some lighter fluid and a match and burned everything I had built because the foundation was wrong.’ It is no wonder that in one of her songs, she literally asks God to ‘save me from myself.’

“Hill’s personal problems do not justify her rants against the Catholic Church. After all, Sinead O’Connor isn’t exactly normal, either, and she justifiably paid a price for her stunt on Saturday Night Live when she ripped up a picture of the pope. We expect Hill’s career, already in decline, will continue to head south. Columbia Records should show her the gate.”

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