Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Russian Orthodox Sever Ties with Episcopalians

Interesting, strong statement.

From Vladivostok News :: Episcopal's gay bishop completely unorthodox:

"The Russian Orthodox Church said Monday that it has broken off ties with the Episcopalian movement in the U.S. calling the latter's consecration of an openly gay bishop, 'unchristian and blasphemous.'

The Moscow Patriarchate referred to a verse in the Bible stating that sex between two men is loathsome and neither fornicators nor sodomites will enter God's realm.

'The Church does not deny assistance to the unfortunate people who suffer from this ailment. God is love, and Christians must pray for all sinners and for their salvation. However, the Church cannot approve perversions of human nature created by the Lord himself,' the statement says. "

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