Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Problem Below But Here is the Pic

Hindu ascetic tests the seeming reality of the sting of a scorpion that he knows is only an illusion.
This is What Happens When You Think Everything is an Illusion

Not Sure if this in English or Not

From Southwest Florida's Information Leader:

"The Great Friend" was published Tuesday by the tiny Kwadrat publishing house in the southern city of Krakow, where Karol Wojtyla lived for 40 years before being appointed pope in October 1978. The publishing house initially printed 2,000 copies of the paperback, priced at $8.

"As a witness, I wanted to show how facts from his earlier life influenced and helped him as pope - the gift of speaking clearly to an audience, the strong voice, the unfailing memory, the gestures," Halina Kwiatkowska said of her 160-page book.

Manager Jacek Stroka said he persuaded Kwiatkowska to write the book to mark 25 years of John Paul's pontificate, 45 years since Wojtyla became a bishop and 65 years since both graduated from high school.
Linked on Osgood's Site

Amy is speaking before a crowd in Michigan on Cinco de Mayo about the bones the saints left behind. In her research she found that a sight I have on shrines is linked to Charles Osgood's site under the link title "Shrine of the Holy Relices."

Check out his site here..Relics for Sale

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Contemplating Christ Through Mary's Eyes

Focolare is having a Marian Congress dedicated to the rosary. You can listen in live to most of the conference by going here...Congresso Mariano Internazionale

Monday, April 28, 2003

Pope Beatifies Inventor of Cappuccino


History books also show that with a vast Ottoman Turk army beating a path to Vienna in 1683, d'Aviano was sent by the then-pope to unite the outnumbered Christian troops, spurring them to victory.

As the Turks fled, legend has it they left behind sacks of coffee which the Christians found too bitter, so they sweetened it with honey and milk.

The drink, now supped by millions around the world, was called cappuccino after the Capuchin order of monks to which d'Aviano belonged.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I Know the Feeling...

A Zagreb Professor spent three days trapped under books. Very Easterish and of course I relate because there are piles of manuscripts sitting on my desk that sometimes can feel more like a tomb I must enter rather than the next great bestseller that I'm sure is in there somewhere...

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Saturday, April 19, 2003

You'd Think the Executioners Should be in Uniform Too

From Yahoo:

Emerito Baking remains emotionless as a nail is driven into his feet on Good Friday, April 18, 2003 in the village of Cutud, in Pampanga province, north of Manila, Philippines. Devotees have themselves nailed to the cross as part of their 'vow' on Good Friday which is admonished by the Roman Catholic church but drew thousands of foreign and local tourists.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Good Friday

And for your penance...

I'm surprised no one ever interviews any of the people who confess to the Pope to hear what their experience is like.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Wednesday of Holy Week

Pope John Paul II during his weekly Wednesday audience experiences a gust of wind.

Or he has joined the Spanish Penitents seen below...

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Holy Week 2003

Veneration of the Cross Discouraged for Oriental Christians

From Yahoo:

Christian Malaysians have been told not to kiss the cross this Easter in order to prevent the spread of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.

Just a note, Christians venerate the cross on Good Friday, not Easter.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Holy Week

First we have Palestinian women with their faces covered dragging the British and American flags through the streets of Nablus.They eventually burned the flags after dragging them through the streets. I guess the success of the coalition forces hasn't increased the love they feel for us.

And then...

Penitents in Spain await their own procession. The costume will strike our American viewers as Klu Kux Klanish but here we have people publicly repenting, albeit anonymously of their sins.

Two groups in procession. Both anonymous. One further inciting violence, the other repenting for their actions traveling on "way of peace." For those who hold this week sacred, let us follow the path of the penitents.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

The Passion of Pope John Paul II

The pope once praised near and far nowadays seems to come under attack from every sector. Governments are critical of his pleas for peace. Once loyal Catholics now wonder loudly why he hasn't done more in response to clergy abuse cases world wide and many conservative Catholics ignore his questioning of the war in Iraq as nothing binding as they choose loyalty to country over and against loyalty to how he interprets Christ's message. Truly the John Paul's suffering on this Palm Sunday is not just physical but certianly he like Christ is undergoing a passsion where it seems that all are abandoning him. One can hear from the crowds, "we have no king but Caesar" as Catholics more and more choose to let the political realm guide their daily lives while ignoring the demands of the Gospel.

Less I like Peter claim my allegiance to fast, I will only say that I pray for the Pope daily and invite all the readers of this blog to do the same.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Were Those Who Opposed War Wrong?

The question has been raised and it deserves an answer. Yet it must be asked does the answer to the question depend on the results of the war? If in the future there is a rise of terrorist activity in the United States and Britian would that make the war suddenly suspect in the minds of supporters? If there is never any "real" evidence of weapons of mass destruction found would that make the war wrong? Does anyone even remember why this war was being fought in the first place and why those opposed felt that all the means to avoid it had not been exhuasted?

There is no question that the United States possesses a superior military second to none on this planet. We have air and satelite capabilities that make us the "supermen" of the planet. We can easily become the bully on the block--but the bully in the end is always destroyed by some "David" who comes at it with a slingshot. We can also become a great force for the good of the world (as we have often been at our better moments).

Those who opposed the war or in most case correctly opposed the war at this time can speak for themselves. I for one still think that the end doesn't justify the means--a good end doesn't justify using any means to arrive at it. But my convictions come from my belief in Jesus Christ and how I encounter Him in the Gospels--His injunction that Catholics will hear again this Holy Week that if a man doesn't have a sword, he should now buy one is quickly followed by one of his disciples using a sword when the same Jesus comes under attack. The Lord responds angrily for His disciple to put away the sword, "for those who live by the sword, die by the sword."

There is nothing wrong with us having the big sword, but if we start living by it--I fear what the future may hold for us.
Dutch Villagers Beg Coalition Forces to Liberate Them!

From Giant Van Gogh Head

Friday, April 11, 2003

EWTN Launches Site for Children This Sunday!

Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network
Missing Piece Probably Available on Ebay!

Catholic...and Against the War in Iraq

(No Liberals, Lefties,or Loons Here!)

I'm posting a tidbit, but visit the site for the whole piece.

From The Editor of The Remnant:

There have been some suggestions of late that Catholics who are against the U.S. attack on Iraq must now be saddled with some unsavory alliances to the peacenik movement. This is a stale canard, of course. Christ Himself is the Prince of Peace, after all, does that make Susan Sarandon a Christian?

We vigorously reject this non-existent alliance, and would ask our Catholic critics the following questions: Is Pat Buchanan a hippie? Is Bishop Richard Williamson a liberal? Is Joe Sobran a socialist? John Zmirak a communist? Dr. Thomas Droleskey a pinko? Lew Rockwell a leftist? Dr. Tom Woods, Christopher Ferrara and Michael J. Matt—a wacky cadre of Joan Baez fans? Please! Liberals and loons from Howard Stern, to Henry Kissinger, to Kid Rock, to pro-abort Senator John McCain to Ariel Sharon are in favor of this war, while neo-conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have been its champions and apologists since before September 11, 2001. Conversely, the most respected conservative Catholic commentators have been against it from the outset (e.g., Pat Buchanan, an internationally known traditional Catholic who’s been on the inside of U.S. politics for decades, who regularly attends the tridentine Mass, and who hosts an afternoon television program on MSNBC).

It’s certainly true that the majority of Americans are enthusiastic and feeling very patriotic about this “war” in Iraq; but it’s also true that the majority of Americans are enthusiastic about premarital sexual intercourse. Millions of Americans also feel very patriotic about defending a “woman’s right to choose”. What the majority is excited about in the moment is of little consequence to this discussion of whether our war against Iraq is good for our country.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Pope During Weekly Audience

I think he is fed up with some of the posts left in the comments here who accuse him of not caring about people.

I have restrained myself from showing pictures of children with amputated limbs and other horific civilian injuries etc on this site. I try to maintain a balance of presenting some objective view that I feel I have gotten from some of the international news networks. But there are a lot out there who think that those news agencies (most of whom are not involved in this war on either side) are the presenters of propaganda.

Then there are those who think that the decision to go to war has been vindicated because people are cheering the coalition forces, who have totally wiped out the Iraqi military. I have only to remind you that a few days ago when Saddam was in power they were cheering wildly for him. Under the threat of violence you say? Oh and I guess they don't feel that threat from us?

War is hell both for our troops and for the people who have to live through it. We have had a taste of that on 9/11/01 and I doubt any one of us would want to be in a place where buildings were crumbling around us. The superiority of our forces begs the question--couldn't we have taken Saddam Hussein out without going to war? Locally three very young men have giving their lives for this cause. They are gone. Would you sacrifice your son for this war? Its glib to say you support the war and then sit back while someone else's child fights for you.

We have demonstrated that we are far superior with our technology to anyone out there. Is war even necessary anymore?

I do stand with the Pope and his call for peace. I have prayed for peace and protection very actively since 9/11 awoke me from my complacency. I hope those who get angry at the notion of "praying for peace" will see that we are all ultimately wanting the same result but the question is how best to acheive it.

Has it been prayers or armaments that have won the day so far? Only God knows the answer to that.
Have the Moonies Infiltrated Afghanistan?

From Yahoo News:

Afghan boys sell seasonal flowers to motorists passing on the highway to Kabul, southwest of Bagram, Afghanistan, on Wednesay, April 9, 2003. The flower, locally known as laula, grows wild in the fields surrounding the villages and highway, some of which are still covered with anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, posing a risk to the population.
Nuns on the Run in Italy

From Yahoo! News :

Italian police said on Wednesday they were scouring the countryside for four nuns after a hit-and-run accident near the northern city of Bergamo.

The nuns, behind the wheel of a Citroen, ignored a stop sign at a crossroads and plowed into a Mercedes driven by a 63-year-old man, who escaped uninjured.

Instead of stopping as Italian law requires, the nuns sped off before anyone could even get a glimpse of their car registration.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Russian's Deny It

From Ananova - Russia says Saddam 'not at embassy':

Russia has denied reports that Saddam Hussein has been given refuge at the Russian Embassy in Baghdad.

A spokesman said the report "absolutely does not correspond with reality".

"Such statements absolutely do not and cannot correspond with reality," Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko said.

"This is an attempt yet another time to place the Russian Embassy in Baghdad under threat."
Al Jazeera Reports Hussein Has Taken Refuge in the Russian Embassy


Pope John Paul shown here posing with a group of Italian Army soldiers said..." " (feel free to add your humorous comment)

You probably haven't heard anything about what the Pope condemned yesterday.

From Yahoo News:

Pope John Paul appealed to Congolese leaders on Wednesday to bring an end to "massacres and summary executions" in the African country where nearly 1,000 civilians were reported killed by rival tribesmen last week.

"I make a grief-stricken appeal to the responsible commit themselves to stop the violence and abuses of power, putting aside personal interests and those of groups, with the cooperation of the international community," the 82-year-old Roman Catholic leader told pilgrims gathered in St Peter's Square.

Witnesses told U.N. investigators 966 civilians were shot and hacked to death on Thursday in the Ituri province in what may have been the worst atrocity in the Democratic Republic of Congo's 4-1/2 year war.

It occurred a day after a final peace deal was signed by leading parties involved in the many-sided conflict, which at one point involved six foreign armies.


Thanks to Nancy Nall for linking to this blog yesterday and for mentioning my Mass book which she rightly identified as a kind of "dummies" book for Catholics. Nancy always has a unique take on life in these parts and is a worthy read everyday!
A Freed Baghdad Looks A Lot Like Detroit

From Yahoo News:

Witnessing Saddam Hussein's power slip away, hundreds of Iraqis rushed to take everything else Wednesday: They used pickup trucks and wheelbarrows to haul off everything from refrigerators to flower pots from government ministries, police stations and state companies.

Emboldened by the sight of U.S. troops taking control of the capital, they dared not only to loot but also to rejoice over Saddam's fall, to vandalize his image and to call him a criminal -- offenses that just days or weeks ago could have brought arrest, imprisonment, torture, even death at the hands of the secret police.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Former Female Basketball Star Now Cloistered Nun

In honor of the Women's Championship Game tonight... | Sports | Pennefather heeds her calling

Once upon a lifetime ago, Shelly Pennefather was the sweetest of shooting stars, an All-American at Villanova and the 1987 national player of the year. Since 1991, she has lived here, in the Poor Clare Monastery, at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a very modest middle-class neighborhood.

Pennefather has taken her vows and the name Sister Rose Marie of the Queen of Angels. She renounced her worldly life, including a six-figure salary as a professional basketball star in Japan, to answer her true calling: To serve God as a cloistered Poor Clare nun...

...the Colettine Poor Clares are one of Catholicism's most austere orders. They sleep no longer than four hours at a time, eat one full meal a day and don't use phones, TVs, radios or any publications except religious texts. They sleep on a bed of straw; they're barefoot except for an hour each day, when they don sandals to walk into the courtyard, where they're allowed to converse with each other.

Poor Clares have little, if any, interaction with the outside world. During Lent, the order has virtually no contact at all. So when Sister Rose Marie spends this Sunday as she does every day -- primarily in prayer and meditation -- she'll probably be blissfully unaware of the Final Four semis.

Positive Spin Award

In war the battle is waged in what the media reports (and neglects to report) as much as the actual bombs and bullets that fly in the battle field. During this short war we daily here of reports of chemical finds, cities occupied, and the death of Saddam only to be retracted a few hours later. The cycle has become predictable with the end result that it is hard to follow the news without being skeptical of anything that you are hearing is actual fact.

Last night the attack on Saddam Hussein was reported first of all on MSNBC and then quickly picked up by all of the news networks. They seemed unaware that video of the results of the attack were readily available. I had watched the video that was released about an hour after the "breaking story" about three hours before on the International News Network which had run the story as an attack on a "residential area" of Baghdad and therefore a place where civilian casualties had resulted. The American press which has avoided any reference to such stories evidently also missed out on having the video of the results that in fact turned out to be an attack on Saddam Hussein himself.

In the midst of all of this one wonders if the media will need to be "liberated" once this war is over with or has the government found a way to keep them under wraps? One has only to look at the almost comical reports of the Iraqi foreign minister who yards away from American tanks continues to give positive reports about the great successes the Iraqi military is enjoying. I say it is comical until you realize that our media is quickly becoming the same kind of joke.

Anyway the government, the church, corporations should all take notes on the positive spin this guy can put on the worst situation. So we give the "Positive Spin Award" to the Iraqi Information Minister, who Fox News has nicknamed Baghdad Bob but who's real name is Mohammed Saeed al Sahaf.

Today he has given a ultimatum to the American troops who must surrender he says or be burned in their tanks...

b>The Agonist Provides a Timeline for the Reporting of the Saddam Bombing

The Agonist:

1.) 7 April; 3 pm Baghdad time / 1:00 GMT / 7 AM EDT

Airstrike occurrs (according to NYT).

2.) 7 April; 18:35 GMT / 2:35 EDT

Reuters reports "Homes Razed..." (posted by The Agonist @ 3:37 PM EDT)

Other links to the story break:here, here and here.

3.) 8 April; 1:56 GMT / 9:56 PM EDT

Reuters reports "Saddam Targeted..."

4.) 8 April; 2:44 GMT / 10:44 PM EDT

Reuters reports "U.S. Bombs Target (Saddam)..."

(this article subsequently appended at 3:32 GMT).

The Future Freed Iraq?

Here is an item that will test the resolve of the coalition forces to allow the Iraqi people to "govern" themselves. A potential "Ayatollah Kohmeni" could be in Iraq's future if the majority Shia Muslim occupants of the country are give the "right to vote." This would make the future Iraq if it becomes a fundamentalist Muslim country a real threat to the United States--so I'm guessing that our "liberation" of the Iraqi people won't allow that to happen.


The leader of Iraq's main Shia Muslim opposition group, Ayatollah Mohammad-Baqer Hakim, announces he will return home after living in exile in neighboring Iran for more than two decades.

For an interview with the Ayatollah, here is one that MSNBC did awhile back.
Lenten Meditations

I continue to post daily meditations. I especially like today's post. You can visit this site by clicking here or on the picture of the "entrance gate" marked God Alone in the right hand column.

Monday, April 7, 2003

I'm Quoted in the Chicago Tribune

From Chicago Tribune | `A day of clouds and whirlwinds':

Sandstorms, dust storms, whirlwinds: All suggest more than a hint of an angry deity's wrath, of the earth itself being turned against its disobedient inhabitants. Little wonder, then, that some observers in the Arab world hailed last week's sandstorm as evidence of God's displeasure with the invaders.

No matter what one's political or religious perspective, however, a sandstorm must evoke awe at the wind's magnificent sculpting power, its relentless sweep and scoop and spin and push, turning day into night and night into chaos.

"It obliterates everything, creating darkness," says Michael Dubruiel, a Christian writer based in Ft. Wayne, Ind. "Sandstorms certainly make one think of a simpler faith where nothing happens without God willing it or allowing it. The `whirlwind' idea is standard not only in the Islamic faith, but in the Judeo-Christian tradition as well."
No Snow, Ice Laden Trees Though

Thankfully we did not get the heavy snow predicted. But we did receive a mess of freezing rain.
An Evangelical Preacher Asks "Where is our Humility?"

From Covenant News:

This spirit of faith and humility has seen us through the best and worst of times. True Christians are neither pompous in victory nor broken in defeat. We recognize that God is our hope and we rest in His sovereign will. We are also determined to follow His direction, and to resist those who try to supplant His authority. Anything less is pseudo-spirituality.

How is it, then, that in the face of a national crisis, it seems that the overwhelming majority of professing Christians today display not humility but overt arrogance? Instead of crying out for national repentance, we seem intoxicated with our own power and prosperity. Instead of recommitting ourselves to following God's laws, we seem determined to follow the Pied Pipers of self-glorification.

Christians in America seem almost fanatical about removing the speck from the eye of other nations while ignoring the beam in our own eye. Our petitions to God take the form of demands. We act as if God is our servant instead of the other way around. How long will God tolerate this insolence?

That God has blessed our country with superior wealth and power is no assurance that it will always be this way. We must never presume on God's patience or protection. What took two hundred years to build could be destroyed in two hundred days! With God, it is a small thing to build up or to pluck down. We are protected at His pleasure, not ours.

The national sins that plagued America before September 11, 2001, yet plague America today. There is no change in the overall direction of the country.

In fact, the pace of the race toward "big governmentism" (once known as socialism, fascism or communism) has quickened significantly. We are in more danger of losing our freedoms and liberties now than we were before those terrorist attacks. Furthermore, the principal threats are not from forces without, but from forces within, and Christians seem either oblivious or actually supportive of them.

Contrary to popular opinion, our leaders are taking us further away from constitutional government. The risks associated with many of our country's actions are huge. Despite the propaganda, America is vulnerable! We are vulnerable to the judgment of a righteous, omnipotent God!

Instead of beating our chests in pride and arrogance and exalting our own power and glory, we should be humbling ourselves before God and seeking His will. Our greatest threat is not al-Qaida, Iraq or Saddam Hussein. Our greatest threat is the judgment of God, and we have no army capable of victory against Him!

Sunday, April 6, 2003

NBC's David Bloom Dies in Iraq

Evidently from a pulmonary embolism. Sad, sad news.


Bloom had been co-anchor of the weekend editions of “Today” since March 2000. In his nearly 20-year career, Bloom covered many top stories for NBC News, most recently reporting from Israel on the escalating violence in the Middle East and from the U.S. on home front security and the recovery efforts at Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In his most recent assignment — traveling with the 2nd Battalion, 315 Mechanized Unit of U.S. Army’s 3rd Infantry Division in its push toward Baghdad — Bloom scored what many believe to be a first: broadcasting live reports as the American armored column he was traveling with fought its way north through the Iraqi desert.

What I like About Living Here

We did not change our clocks this morning. We never do and now until October we are in Central Time in my mind the best time.

What I Don't Like About Living Here

After a week with several days in the high 70's tonight the forecast calls for 2-4 inches of snow. It is also cold enough out this morning that the water in the birdbath is frozen.

Saturday, April 5, 2003

Why I Don't Like Chinese Food!

I must provide the caption to the photo that comes from

A kitchen worker hits a water rat on the head to stun it before it is killed for a meal in a restaurent in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

After Three Days in the High 70's...Snow Here This Morning

Nothing major, just some flurries mixed with sleet but a reminder that summer is a long way off yet.

Friday, April 4, 2003

Happy Birthday to Joseph!

Two years ago today I sat next to Amy as she gave birth to a wonderful little man who continues to delight and fascinate everyday!
Holy War Declared Against U.S.!

From Yahoo.News:

Supreme Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin speaks at a news conference in Moscow in this March 19, 2003, file picture. Russian Muslims have declared a jihad, or holy war, against the United States, Russia's top mufti said Thursday April 3, 2003, according to the Interfax news agency. Supreme Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin wouldn't say what specific actions the fight would take, but said the first results would be visible within two or three days.

I guess that means we will see something today or tomorrow?

I can't help but be struck by the Supreme Mufti's resemblance to Robin Williams and his cleric attire to be something right out of a Danny Kaye movie.

Fiction Anyone?

Lani Palmer is compiling a small booklet, containing lists and descriptions of Catholic fiction for adults and young adults. Please contact Lani at if you have a novel you would like included in the booklet (either listed or reviewed).

Thursday, April 3, 2003

The New Ruler of Babylon?

I made my monthly visit to Sam's Club last night and as usual purveyed what books they are currently offering.

I used to think you had it made when you found one of your books in stock at a Borders or Barnes and Nobles but alas that glory has passed. Now I long for the day when Sam's Club will carry my books.

Anyway it is very instructive (in that it is a good barometer of what American's are buying) to see what they are carrying. On this visit I spyed Queen Noor's book, Rudy's latest book, all the usual diet books and a stash of books by an author I have never heard of about Biblical prophecies of "Babylon" and the end of the world. Nothing new about this last idea but obviously the Sam's marketers realize that this is currently a "hot topic."

It is then that the irony struck. For years people have referred to various parts of the U.S. as "Babylon"--New York and Hollywood come to mind. Right now the United States the most powerful nation in the world occupies the real Babylon. What will the fundamentalist Christians make of this? For years it has been easy to project anti-Christ status on Saddam Hussein but what now after he is gone?

Stay tuned...

Meanwhile-What are the Russians up to?

War, What is it Good for? Singer Dies

The song was famous during the Vietnam War and it received some airplay yesterday to note the singer's passing. Those of you who remember the song remember the answer to the question---"absolutely nothing!"

From Yahoo! News:

Edwin Starr, the soul singer who produced No. 1 Motown hits such as "War," died of an apparent heart attack Wednesday, his manager said. He was 61.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

I've Been Nailed by Mark Shea!

Sean Gallagher sent out an email informing us of his little town in Indiana's attempt to protest the French by changing the name of there yearly art festival from "Tray Chic" to something less Frankish. Mark Shea responded with:

Oh brother. What's next? Declare war on Des Moines, Baton Rouge, Pend Oreille for their dangerously unpatriotic names? I enjoy loathing the French as much as the next guy, but I enjoy loathing faux patriotic political gasbags even more. It's as American as apple pie.

Oddly, some of the victims of the French Revolution were executed for failing to change their names (they were deemed guilty of the crime of having the same name as other people the Committee for Public Safety deemed enemies of the Revolution).

By the way, I think that explains Mike Dubruiel's manifest guilt, don't you? If he was a genuine 100% American he'd have done something about that French-sounding name wouldn't he? Huh? Wouldn't he?

Don't even try to defend yourself, you cunning Gallic swine! In *my* country, you're guilty until proven Anglo-Saxon, bub

I would only add that I'm also Polish on my mother's side --which might explain a lot too, including my fidelity to the man pictured below:

Join the Pope in Praying for Peace!

"Let us pray to Mary, with both grief and trust, to intercede for peace in Iraq and in all the world's conflicts."

Prayer of Pope John Paul II
And Diocese will turn against Diocese

A first...

FromBoston Globe Online:

Calif. diocese sues Boston Archdiocese

The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, Calif., sued the Archdiocese of Boston yesterday, alleging that Boston officials hid the history of sexual molestation by former priest Paul Shanley when he moved to California.

New Rosary Book!

Rosary 101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary

5 Key Reasons to Get This Book!

1.) True, Inspirational Stories will show you just how powerful the Rosary is.

2. Beautiful Meditations for the Complete Mysteries

Joyful,Luminous,Sorrowful and Glorious.

3. Simple, Easy Directions to Teach You How to Pray the Rosary, if you have never prayed it before.

4.) Simple, easy directions to teach you how to make your own rosary!

5.) A well researched History of the Rosary, Written by Fr. Richard Gribble,CSC, Author of "The History of the Rosary"

From Pravda (of all places)!

Pravda.RU Vatican Discovery Proves to be Apostle Peter’s Burial Ground

An important archaeological discovery was made in the Vatican when a site for construction of car parking was being cleared. Archaeologists discovered an ancient necropolis of the times of St. Apostle Peter, the same that is mentioned in the Gospel. Now this version is studied by historians; if it proves true, this in its turn will confirm another hypothesis suggested by historian Magrherita Guarducci. She supposes that an entombment of St. Apostle Peter was found under the altar that is situated under the St.Peter’s basilica dome.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

A Tale of Two Wars

Two wars are being fought in the Middle East right now. Ostensibly the coalition forces are winning the ground and air war against the Iraqis but are losing the "image" war that in the long run may be more important. One has only to look to Israel and the continued terrorist attacks suffered by that nation to understand what I mean.

It was widely reported after 9/11 that one of prime goals of Bin Laden was to drag the United States government into attacking the Arab world and unleashing the mother of all battles (for Bin Laden this would lead to the destruction of the "infidels," i.e. "us"). The attack on Afghanistan failed to have any real repurcussions in the Arab world because it was understood to be an attack on the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks on the United States. Unfortunately the attack on Iraq is not as clear and the battle for public opinion (outside of the United States) is being lost. Now reports of Iraqis living in exile, people who fled Iraq to escape the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein are loading up in buses in Jordan to return to Iraq to fight for their country which they see as under attack from an invading force. To accomplish this conversion is no small task and may be an indication that we unwittingly have stepped into the mouse trap set by Bin Laden on 9/11.

I have little doubt that the United States will win the war and have control of the Iraqi government soon, but I also have little doubt that we have already loss the war of opinion. It seems that almost no one outside of Americans sees us as a "liberator." Take this quote from CNN.World:

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says the U.S.-led war on Iraq would produce "one hundred new bin Ladens," driving more Muslims to anti-Western militancy.

"When it is over, if it is over, this war will have horrible consequences," Mubarak told Egyptian soldiers in the city of Suez on Monday.

"Instead of having one (Osama) bin Laden, we will have 100 bin Ladens," he said.

Disatisfied Catholics in NH Set-up Website

Calling for bishop's resignation. I think this site has been up for a day so far and has about 112 names so far.

See it at NH Catholics for Moral Leadership

Captured Kenyans Prayer Answered Quickly in Iraq


"I remember seeing a man with his finger on the pin of a grenade as they argued about whether they would kill us or not.

"David and I are both Christians and this morning I said 'We must pray together for a miracle.'

"So we prayed and 30 minutes later the door swung open and there were two British soldiers standing there.

"God must have given them the power to save us. It really was a miracle that they came."
The Weapon of "MASS" Instruction!

If you are Catholic, contemplating becoming Catholic, or just interested in what Catholics do every Sunday this is the book to explain it all to you in an easy to understand format! Is the Mass Biblical? Does it date back to the time of Christ? What do all those strange words like "hosanna" and even "amen" mean? Plus tips on:

How to "get" more out of the Mass!

How to hear a great homily at every Mass!

How to really receive Christ at Mass!

In short this is the book that will destroy any ignorance you might have when it comes to the Mass!

Image of Virgin Owned by Iraqi Woman in Detroit

Found at Visions of Jesus

The mother told me, that when she saw the oil-drenched icon, she felt a message in her heart - that it had to do with peace with Iraq. (the oil has kept coming up until a number of months ago, when it became just a trickle, and now has stopped...!) The lady grew up an orphan, and Jesus and His Mother became her constant companions in prayer, talking to Them as though they were physically present in the rooms with her. At the time of the miraculous flowing of oil, America was already at odds with Iraq, and she hesitated to even use the word Iraq to tell me where she was from, and said instead that she was from "Babylonia". I feel the oil was a sign of Mercy from God regarding our dealings with Iraq, but now the time of Mercy has "run out"...