Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Happy Feast of Saint Joseph!

He is a powerful friend to have on your side. I have often entrusted many cares that I have had into his hands and he has never let me down. God entrusted him with the care of His Son!

Here is a link to Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal and here is a prayer that you might wish to recite today...

Glorious Saint Joseph

As you have the power to make the most difficult matters work out well

Please come to my aid at this difficult and distressful moment.

Please take care of these important and difficult matters

that I bring to your attention

in order that they result in a happy ending.

My dearly beloved Father

I put all my trust in you:

May it not be said that I trusted you in vain.

As you are all powerful with Jesus and Mary

Please show me that your kindness is equal to your power!

Happy Feast Day to my son Joseph!

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