Monday, September 16, 2002

Some Thoughts

Catholic Writer's Conference in Steubenville

I would judge that the Catholic Writer's Conference in Steubenville was a great success. It was great to meet people that I had only "read" and to touch base with others who I 've known for awhile. My talk was well attended (by close to 90 people) and a lot of writers presented me with some great ideas.

Hopefully this will become a yearly event.

Sopranos' first episode.

Best line of the night about 9/11 that was said by Bobby to Tony. It went something like this, "you know Quasi Mode predicted all of this."

Tony says, "huh--no you mean Nostradamus."

"Oh yeah, Notre Dame-us"

"No Nostradamus."

"Do you ever think about the similarities between the hunchback of Notre Dame and the halfback and quarterback for Notre Dame."

Tony says, "no."

The writers of the Sopranos have captured the way people talk in this country in a way that no other program before has been able to do.

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