Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Christopher Hitchens Hates You and Wants to Make War with You

If you are a believer...and he thinks belief in God poisons everything...jeez I guess he is an example of what nonbelief does.

Heard him speak today at BEA...more about it when I'm home.

UPDATE: Since I've been so remiss in completing my take on this, I offer another person who was in attendance's summary:

Hitchens minced no words: "I hate religion, and I want there to be a war on it." Hitchens has been called an "atheist evangelist," Sheler said, and while rejecting the terminology, Hitchens said he was proud to join Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins, calling them "the three horsemen of the counter-apocalypse."


  1. A Spanish proverb goes like this:
    "He that cannot beat the horse, beats the saddle"
    (which could perhaps be derived from an earlier German version, "Auf den Sack schlägt man, den Esel meint man" used by Schiller meaning "He who hits the pannier really meant to strike the donkey", as the Swabians settled North Spain)

    Since he can't defeat the source of his outrage (God omnipotent) he turns his anger to the next best thing, the evidence of the source (the faithful). Sorta like "Don't shoot the messenger..." But his impotence enrages him, since it's in fact the evidence of what he steadfastly denies: God!

    Such self-tormented souls need the prayers of the Philosopher Saints perhaps even the late, great JPII could intercede on his behalf? I hope so...

  2. All I know is I never want to get famous enough to have Hitchens write my obituary.

    A man that can hate Bob Hope, not ot mention Blessed Mother Teresa, needs some serious prayers.

  3. I believe you, Michael. I work in a news room where there are about a half-dozen people -- dissimilar in many ways -- but who find unity in disparaging any and all things of the Christian faith. The level of snarky, caustic, sarcastic commentary is sometimes stifling. Yet somehow, because I'm a Christian, complaining about it to the HR office or the top management would cause nothing but grief for me. Because I have to work regularly with these folks, it's easier to hear the anti-Christian slams than it would be long-term to make an issue of it. Sad to say. They clearly have damaged souls and consciences that they choose to soothe by criticizing the only person (Christ) who could really heal what ails them.

    I look forward to hearing more about Mr. Hitchens from you, Michael.

  4. I don't know. I think Christopher (ironic name) Hitchens is something other than a "non believer". If he was simply that, he wouldn't be so obsessed with everyone else's belief. Or so obsessed with religion or God in general.

    I think he believes even though he won't admit it. He believes and he's very very angry about something.

  5. Meggan,
    I think you are on to something. He can't let it go, why should it matter to him the way it does? His sense of moral outrage towards the Church and God is not rational. It's so personal there must be more to it.

  6. Meggan,

    on Mr Hitchen's first name, see the last part of the e-mail debate between Mr Hitchens and Reformed theologian Douglas Wilson, to be found here at Christianity Today Online.

    Go to part 6 and scroll down to the third paragraph from the bottom for Douglas Wilsons concluding remarks to Christopher Hitchens.

  7. Hitchens forgot to include Phillip Pullman in his clan of God haters. The Golden Compass is due out early December '07 starring Daniel Craig (007) and Nicole Kidman.