Wednesday, May 22, 2002

From Musings of a Catholic Seminarian:

I am now reading Goodbye Good Men. It is really making waves in the seminary because at last we feel the story is getting out. I can't comment as to whether each individual story is true but I can tell you that the general practices do happen in ways very similar to how they are described. I have either had similar situations happen to me personally or have seen it happen to others.

I don't attend any of the seminaries mentioned in the parts I have read, but I know their reputations amongst seminarians well. My only regret is that I know this will scandalize a lot of lay faithful. Two key points I have found helpful in dealing with scandalous situations in the Church are:

1)Christ promised not to let the gates of hell prevail against the Church. - In short we either believe him or we don't. I do. We will get through scandals and come out stronger and hopefully purified. Matt 16:18 and Sirach 2:1-11

2) Ex Opere Operato

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