Friday, February 1, 2002

I'm not a fan of big corporations, but it seems that the little guy no longer cares to compete. Gas prices here fluctuate about .30 a gallon depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. What is remarkable is that every gas station in town changes there prices at the same time, save one--Wal*Mart. Yesterday, down to a 1/4 of a tank, I noticed the price of gas in Fort Wayne was .99 cents a gallon. Good, I thought, they are coming down (since it was a 1.00 a gallon the previous day). Looking out of my window at noon, I noticed the price of gas had gone up to $1.19 a gallon. Driving into town, I hedged my bets (with my fuel gauge now teetering below a 1/4 tank). Driving through the fog and rain, I passed gas station after gas station of every imaginable company all with the same price. Finally arriving at the Wal*Mart, I looked up in anticipation as I read the price--.95.9 a gallon! Plus, with a Wal*Mart card, I save another .03 a gallon, paying only .92 a gallon.

I have come to notice that Wal*Mart does not play the lets do as everyone else does. That is why when Forbes list of the richest people in America comes out next that the Wal*Mart heirs will be at the top of the list. As far as I'm concerned they deserve to be--the little guy has sold out, only in the end to have to shut down.

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